Get to Know Us

We strive to use environmentally friendly products and ingredients that are self-sustaining, so as not to upset nature’s balance and deplete natural resources. Products and ingredients are always cruelty free, palm free, phthalate free, paraben free, and vegan. We also try to use ingredients found in the United States – note: some ingredients, ie herbs and oils, cannot be grown/produced in the US. Another note: Some fragrances are not natural…it is difficult to smell cupcakes while strolling through the forest (unless, of course, you are Hansel and Gretel).

We want to provide affordable, environmentally friendly options to store bought soaps, lip balms, and other feel good, smell good items. Our goal is to provide natural products at an affordable price and help eliminate toxins from the home and body. 3 Gen[eration] Naturals will donate all profits to charitable organizations, both locally and internationally. So when you buy a 3 Gen[eration] Naturals product, you are actually saving the world (one bar of soap at a time)!