How to Use Our Products

Soaps ~ Lathers great with a washcloth or loofah/pouf. Do not let sit in water. Use a well-draining soap dish or take it in and out of the shower with you. Best if used within 1 year from purchase.

Scrubs ~ Do not use everyday! Use every other day or once a week.

Face & Body Serums/Beard Oil ~ A little goes a long way; just a drop or two for each zone is all you need. When using products containing essential oils, it is recommended to alternate the type of essential oil every few weeks (rotate between 2 different face serums every few weeks.)

Baby Butt Balm ~ For use as a diaper cream, make sure baby's bottom is clean & dry before application. We like to use it on our hands & feet for baby smooth skin! It can also be applied to minor cuts & abrasions.

Natural Sinus Relief ~ Put a little under the nose or on the chest, lower back or feet. Avoid contact with mucous membranes.

Pirate's Oil ~ Use a dab on hands, chest or feet.

Warmer Oils - Start 2 Tablespoons in electric warmer. You can mix & match.