Exfolitating Sugar Scrub


Awesome allover body scrub! Get rid of the dead skin and let your body glow! Perfect when paired with the Body Butter!

Ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Sugars~Rice Bran Oil~Organic Shea Butter~Apricot Kernel & Avocado Oils~Arrowroot Powder~Vitamin E~Fragrance~ Preservative

Choose from: 

Candy Girl a yummy bubble gum scent ~ Cinnamon Girl like stepping into your grandma's kitchen ~ County Fair a sweet, juicy caramel apple ~  The Cranberries tart cranberries with spices ~ Lavender (Essential Oil) ~ Maggie a blend of sweet, tart berries ~ Michonne a fresh, exotic blend with a hint of blueberries ~ Organic Sweet Orange (Essential Oil) ~ Sugar Sugar a light, wholesome sweetness

If you choose an essential oil scrub, the name of the scrub will indicate the essential oil used and the scent.

When using products that contain essential oils, always consult your doctor if you are nursing or under the care of a physician.  All essential oils should be used with caution and are not typically recommend for topical use on children under 2 years of age.

Approximate weight 8 oz.