You're Skin Will Feel So Freakin' Soft

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Organic Coconut & Olive Oils ~ Apricot Kernel Oil ~ Fragrance

Essential Oil Soaps (add $1) include: Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil ~ Cedar ~ Eucalyptus ~ Fir Needles ~ Lavender ~ Peppermint ~ Rosemary & Patchouli

 If you choose an essential oil soap, the name of the soap will indicate the essential oil used.

Bare Naked Trees ~ A fresh, crisp woodsy scent. Like walking in the woods on a winter day. Perfect for fall or winter!

Bringing Home the Bacon ~ Maple Bacon. We aren't sure if we should eat this or shower with it! For all you bacon lovers out there!

Candy Girl ~ A yummy bubble gum scent

Cinnamon Girl ~ It's like stepping into your grandma's kitchen and smelling something warm, sweet and gooey

The Cranberries ~ Tart cranberries mulled in spices with a hint of sweetness

Dance of the Cucumber ~ A sharp, spicy cucumber scent

Dreamsicle ~ Sweet creamy oranges; smells exactly like a dreamsicle.

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride ~ A sweet tropical mix of fruits and very mild notes of tropical florals, sure to take your senses for a ride

Kozmic Blues ~ Takes us back to the 70s and the days of burning sandalwood incense.

Let Me See You Pumpkin Roll ~ Yummy pumpkin scent, heavy on the cinnamon. You can taste, I mean smell, the gooey middle with a touch of frosting.

Pure & Simple ~ Unscented for those sensitive to fragrances

Put the Lime in the Coconut ~ A summer favorite blend of  lime with hints of coconut.

Monday, Monday ~ Made w/coffee (contains no grounds) We need that extra coffee boost on Mondays. How about you?

Smashing Pumpkins ~ Softer, delicious pumpkin scent with the perfect sweetness and spice. Reminiscent of a warm slice of pumpkin bread.

Summer Breeze ~ Is clean and light. Like sheets drying in the sun on a warm summer day.

Approximate weight 5 oz.