The Dead Clean Collection

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Check out your favorite characters from the hit show! This is what we think they would smell like, pre-zombie apocalypse of course!!!  Made using our 'Your Skin Will Feel So Freakin' Soft' formula

Organic Coconut & Olive Oils ~ Apricot Kernel Oil ~ Fragrance

Choose From these pre-apocalyptic scents:

Beth reminds us of a sweet, innocent farm girl walking to the corner store for a cold grape soda

Carl reminds us of a carefree little boy drinking a cold cream soda on a hot summer day.

Carol seems like a very oppressed, simple woman. We feel she would choose fragrant rose for special occasions.

Daryl is the tough as nails biker with a huge heart with the scent of a strong man's cologne and leather. Even though originally made for men; women love to shower with Daryl!  

Hershel reminds us of our grandfather, and reminds us of a popular after shave. 

Judith is the sweet, sweet baby born in the middle of the chaos. She has a slightly fruity newborn smell with baby powder. Who doesn't love the smell of a clean baby?  

Rick is a former sheriff and is the fearless leader. We chose a light, charming men's cologne. We think it is awesome!

Maggie seems to be an intelligent, strong young woman of faith. Her scent is a lovely fruity mix with the perfect balance between sweetness and bite, has hints of raspberries, blackberries and lime.

Michonne reminds us of a down to earth, powerful executive.  Her scent is a fresh, exotic blend of a high-end perfume with earthy hints of sandalwood and blueberries

Glen we're just happy he's alive (and he smells so good)!!!  We chose a nice, very subtle, clean male scent

Approximate weight 5 oz.